One-on-One: Coaching Content

On our coaching sessions we cover a large range of topics. I am focusing my coaching content on how to setup, operate and scale your ecommerce business (b/c this is what I do), and how to work on your mindset so that you can find and achieve your goals in life (personal development – I really like it and work on mine every day!). Also, we can discuss whatever you want during your session – as long as we don’t waist our time..

I can categorise the content I cover to 4 major categories:
– Facebook Marketing
– Store Optimisation
– Operations Optimisation
– Personal Development

More specific on facebook marketing I cover:

  • Facebook content strategy : How to structure your facebook pages, how many do you need, how, what and when to post to ensure higher engagement. How to use this engagement for your benefit.
  • Facebook advertising strategy, setup and optimization : How to set up your business manager. How many do you need. How to set up your ad accounts. How many do you need. How you can increase your spending thresholds and why you need to do that. How to structure your campaigns, your adsets and your ads.
  • I cover Ad copywriting for your ads and how to create your creatives. Which creatives give you the best results. We do that, always having as a base your store, and we make our decisions based on that.
  • I also cover different high converting approaches on promoting your store and your products. This stuff is super converting and bring lots of profit to mine and my other clients’ stores.
  • Facebook Insights and measuring success : I give you my reporting template, meaning, how I setup my facebook reporting. Which data you should focus to make your decisions, meaning which data will show you when to kill your ads or to scale.
  • Facebook Ads Scaling : I cover different techniques on facebook ads scaling. Doing combinations of auto bid daily budgets, manual bid daily budgets, different campaign setups, different type of lookalikes and conversion objectives. I have spent many millions on facebook advertising and I use my experience and knowledge to help you scale your business.
  • Facebook Ads Retargeting : I will share my retargeting techniques. From DPAs (dynamic product ads) to video views retargeting and much much more. Retargeting is what brings the highest ROAS and profit on our stores.

PS : over the past few years I created my software to help me launch, manage and scale my ads. These software tools are available to you during our coaching time together. These tools are invaluable for me and for my clients. I can only tell you that there are clients of mine that run 90% of their ads with lookalikes created by my tools.

Facebook ads is one thing, but if you haven’t setup your store to generate sales, then you will not make it as an e-commerce owner. So, we have to setup and optimise our store for conversions. On store optimization I cover:

  • Theme Setup : I will share my experience on working with different themes and we will either choose the best theme for your business and set it up, or we will modify and optimise your theme for best results.
  • Landing Pages : We will work on your landing pages and optimise them to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation : We will optimise your cart pages, your checkout pages, and your apps, like upsell apps, apps that focus on increasing your AOV (average order value), abandonment checkout retrieval, and many many more. We will use your data analysis and split test techniques to achieve optimum results.
  • Setting up Funnels : We will create post upsell funnels. These funnels increase your AOV (average order value) to the maximum.
  • Email Marketing : We will create sequences for retargeting our customers based on what they like. We will reach our abandonded checkout customers and we will run specific high converting email sequences that will bring high profits to your stores.

How to operate your business is really important. On operation optimization I cover:

  • Finding Winning Products or niches : I share my methods of finding winning products and niches. I help you go past the “ali express” mentality..
  • Finding suppliers : Suppliers is one of the most important parts of each e-commerce business. I share my methods on finding good suppliers and how to work with them.
  • Optimise your order process : If you want to succeed in this business you have to automate a lot of your processes. This will bring you ahead of your competition. One of the most time consuming and error creating processes is your Order process. I will share the methods I use and I will help you implement them.
  • Optimise your customer support operations : Customer support and in general the relation you have with your customers is the most important part of our business. I help you create your customer support processes, train your VAs – employees and make your customers happy. More returning revenue will make your business stable and successful.
  • Organise and train your VAs – employees : I share how I train my VAs and what tasks I have them do. How, I organise my hall team and also, how I find the best people for my business. If you want to succeed in this business, then this is very important! You can not do everything alone.
  • Optimising your time schedule : Having time to leave your life is important! I deal with this every moment of my life. I have 4 small kids and a loving wife. I love to kite surf. So every minute is important. I need to manage my time. I will help you do the same by following my techniques on the matter.

Personal Development is very important to me. I always work on myself. Every day is an opportunity for me to become better. So, more specific on personal development I cover:

  • Setting Up Goals : If you know what you want in life then you will generally get it. So, we start by setting up goals. I will help you on this process.
  • Creating Plans To achieve your goals : After setting up your goals, we will break them down to small tasks and we will create plans for you to achieve them.

We will do all things above, but the best thing is that you will learn how to do it for yourself, so you can do it again and again and build a stable and successful e-commerce business.

All you have to is pm me for an audit and get started!

See you on the other side 🙂